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Punahou Sessions is a set of live music videos created and produced by Allen Murabayashi ’90 in honor of Punahou’s 175th anniversary, to celebrate the extraordinary depth and diversity of talent among alumni and students who create music. Visit for more information about Punahou Sessions. Producer's Note: The Kawakami family is no stranger to the music scene in Honolulu, having formed the well-known ManoaDNA group with father Lloyd ’71, and sons Nick ’01 and Alx ’04. Los Angeles-based Alx – singer, songwriter, producer – suggested “getting the band back together” for Punahou Sessions, but alas, everyone’s schedule couldn’t accommodate the recording date. But no worries, Alx said he’d do it himself. And what song did he pick, just a little ditty he wrote for a special day in his life. You’ll have to listen to the whole thing to get the back story. During the Winter break, I crashed a young alumni party and met brother Nick, who helps produce the very popular HI*Sessions series along with Shayna Ching ’93 Kusumoto. We started talking about music copyright clearance (we do it legally around here!) and he referred me to intellectual property lawyer, Bill Meyer, father of Ryan ’01 and Rayna ’04. Bill’s firm has helped us navigate the shadowy world of YouTube and Facebook. Alx’s YouTube channel is filled with ukulele and guitar covers of popular songs from Bruno Mars to Justin Bieber. You might also notice that Alx plays a right-handed guitar left-handed and upside down. I’m not even sure what this means, but it sounds difficult. Not difficult: Listening to his original composition by the Lily Pond. That darn thing made me Smile. “Smile” was written by Alx Kawakami who has granted rights for this production.
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